The Fight Back Starts Here

Brief – Show how the recession is effecting young people today.

WINNER of the YouthNet Change through Art Competition 2010


What have you done today? This is probably the most dreaded question posed to the great unemployed.

In this film I wanted to depict the isolation, monotony and the removal of personal identity caused by the recession; as well as capturing the daily tedium of web-wandering and the multiple distractions of a single room.

The entire film is caught on a webcam so as to demonstrate how whole days can be spent scouring the internet for potential job opportunities. The paper bag, as well as creating a watchable character, further emphasises the depersonalisation caused by mass unemployment figures constantly documented in the press; those suffering from the credit crunch may well feel oppressed by the montage of news stories that close-in (visually and physically in this film) on their daily lives.

I wanted to create a feeling of hope which is shown through the Paper-Bag heads imagined future. Overall it will be the youth of today that will be responsible for what is to come; although in classic Dallas style, it does turn out to all be a dream.

Finally I made the decision to incorporate silent-movie elements, such as the music and sepia colouring to link in peoples minds the current situation with the depression of the 1920s, to show the cyclic nature of the economy.

If youve inadvertently clicked on this then please enjoy and may it give hope to your day sometimes it pays to take-off the paperbag and get some perspective.

With thanks to D-unit, B Squared and Boris


About Gary Baggings

Andrea is a former farm girl who is currently living and working in London. She spends her days writing words for other people, and the long nights penning her own. When she grows up she wants to be cleverer than she is now and run an emporium of some sort. For no good reason, and against sound advice, she writes under an inexplicable pen name, visit for more.

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